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The purpose of an operating grant is to provide financial support towards the functioning of an organisation in its core activities – over a period that is equivalent to its accounting year – in order to carry out a set of activities.

The Programme’s objectives are:

- to improve citizens’ health security;
- to promote health, including the reduction of health inequalities and
- to generate and disseminate health information and knowledge.

Country eligibility:

To become a beneficiary of an operating grant the organisation need to be legally established in:

- The European Union (any of the 27 Member States), or
- An EFTA country party to the Agreement on the European Economic Area (Iceland, Liechtenstein or Norway), or
- Croatia

Grant applications are eligible if submitted by:

- legal persons,
- entities which do not have legal personality under the applicable national law, provided that their representatives have the capacity to undertake legal obligations on behalf of the entity and offer guarantees for the protection of the Union’s financial interests equivalent to those offered by legal persons. The application shall state the legal status of the applicant.
In addition, only non-governmental bodies and specialised networks coordinated by a non-profit body are eligible, if they fulfil the following conditions:
- non-profit-making and independent of industry, commercial and business or other conflicting interests (please see Annex VI of the work plan 2013 for more details),

The call for operating grants is open for applications by single organisations (not consortia).


The total budget earmarked for the co-financing of operating grants is estimated at:
EUR 5 000.000.
Applications for an operating grant of over EUR 100 000 must be accompanied by an external audit report produced by an approved auditor

Operating grants can cover up to 60 percent of the organisation’s expenditure involved in carrying out eligible activities.
The Executive Agency for Health and Consumers will determine in each individual case the maximum percentage to be awarded. The decision will be based on public criteria and will involve the opinion of external experts.
In cases of exceptional utility, for activities offering significant European added value, the EU contribution can be raised to a maximum of 80 percent.
The financial contribution by the EU will cover a period of one financial year, starting according to the relevant national legislation.

Applications must be sent (dispatched) no later than 22 March 2013 (date of post

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