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European Research Council ERC Proof of Concept Grant (Coordination and Support Action) provides additional funding to ERC grant holders to establish proof of concept, identify a development path and an Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) strategy for ideas arising from an ERC funded project.

Who can apply:

- The Principle Investigator:

As stated in the ERC Work Programme 2013, any Principal Investigator (PI) of an ERC granted project that is either on-going or where the project has ended, less than 12 months before the publication date of this Call, is eligible to apply for proof of concept grant. In their application, candidates will need to indicate the ID number of the related ERC Grant and demonstrate that the idea to be taken to proof of concept is substantially drawn on the outputs of previous ERC-funded research. Proposals may be brought to the attention of the ERC eligibility review committee which will assess and decide on the eligibility of the proposal.

- The Host Institution:

The applicant will need to be supported by a “Host Institution”. Any type of legal entity, including universities, research organisations as well as undertakings can host the PI and his/her team, provided they are established in a Member State or an associated country.

- Individual Team, Team Members:

Team members operate under the leadership

of the PI; they can be of any age, nationality and country of residence.

What kind of projects can be funded:

The ERC Proof of Concept Grant aims at providing additional funding to ERC grant holders in order to support them in bringing the ideas arising from their ERC-funded project closer to the commercialisation phase. Ideas submitted to the Proof of Concept grant are expected to lead to social and/or technological innovations with potential economic and/or societal benefits for Europe.

The proposed activities should probe the expected near-term market potential of the idea and help clarify the commercialisation strategy to be followed (viability, scalability, IPR strategy)

Indicative budget:

The maximum EU financial contribution per grant will be up to EUR 150 000 for a period of 12 months.

The final budget awarded to this call, following the evaluation of projects, may vary by up to 10% of the total value of the call.

Union contribution:

The Union financial contribution will take the form of the reimbursement of up to 100% of the total eligible and approved direct costs and of flat-rate financing of indirect costs on the basis of 7% of the total eligible direct costs. The level of the awarded grant represents a maximum overall figure – the final amount to be paid must be justified on the basis of the costs actually incurred for the project.

Minimum number of participants:

At least one independent legal entity established in one of the Member States, or one of the Associated Countries (in the case of the participation of more than one legal entity the participants are not obliged to establish a consortium agreement).

Eligibility criteria:

All Principal Investigators benefitting from an ERC grant that is either ongoing or, where the project has ended less than 12 months before the publication date of this call are eligible to participate and apply for an ERC Proof of Concept Grant.

Electronic proposal submission deadlines:

First deadline: 24 April 2013, 17.00.00 (Brussels local time)

Final deadline: 3 October 2013, 17.00.00 (Brussels local time)

More information:

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